3D Printing

Custom miniatures

Step 1: Build your custom mini on your favorite site (such as HeroForge or Eldritch Foundry)

Step 2: Send your STL file to mini@dragonshoardstore.com

Step 3: We'll 3D print your mini and contact you when it is ready!

Step 4: Pick up your mini at the store and start playing!

Standard minis (approx 30mm tall): $9.99

Larger minis (approx 45mm tall): $14.99

Terrain, Buildings, and Other Large Accessories

We're excited that we are now able to offer 3D prints of larger items with the help of a member of our amazing community. Larger print prices vary.

Brought to you by Elephant and Pig Creative Printing!

Take a look through the catalog of items available for printing here.